Exploring Key Features and Updates in Microsoft Intune (2312): A Comprehensive Guide for Migration and MacOS Management

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The December edition of “What’s New in Microsoft (2312)” revisits four key areas: cloud-native for device management, MacOS management, Microsoft Intune Suite, and Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune. It also introduces a for those migrating to Microsoft Intune from other management solutions.

Microsoft Intune’s Latest : December Edition

Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, has released its December edition (2312) with a host of new and updates. This blog post will delve into the key focus areas of these updates, including cloud-native device management, MacOS management, and the Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune.

Cloud-Native for Device Management

Intune has been focusing on cloud-native solutions for device management. This approach allows for streamlined operations, improved security, and better scalability. For those embarking on their cloud-native journey, Microsoft has included a guide on migrating to Intune from other management solutions.

“Cloud native” for device management not only enhances operational efficiency but also boosts security measures.

MacOS Management

MacOS management has also been a key focus in the latest Intune update. This is a significant step towards ensuring comprehensive device management across different operating systems, providing users with more flexibility and control.

Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune

With the introduction of the Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune, users can now enjoy an added layer of security. This feature is designed to assist in navigating the complex landscape of device security, making it easier for users to manage and secure their .

What’s Next?

Microsoft Intune continues to evolve, with new capabilities and features being added regularly. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on these updates and connect with the Microsoft community for further discussions and insights.

Microsoft Intune is constantly evolving, with user feedback playing a crucial role in its development.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as Microsoft Intune strives to provide the best possible device management solutions.

  • Revisiting four focus areas from the past year in the December edition of “What’s New in Microsoft Intune (2312)”.
  • Introduction of “Cloud-native for device management”.
  • Focus on MacOS management within Microsoft Intune.
  • Highlighting features of the Microsoft Intune Suite.
  • Introduction of Microsoft Security Copilot in Intune.
  • Providing a guide for users migrating to Microsoft Intune from other management solutions.
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