Boosting Security and Productivity: Microsoft’s Intune Endpoint Privilege Management Now Supports Windows 365

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Microsoft has announced that its Privilege Management (EPM) now supports 365. Part of the Intune Suite, EPM enables IT and SecOps to manage user privileges effectively, balancing and productivity.

Microsoft Intune Enhances Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows 365

Microsoft Intune has introduced an exciting update to its Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) service. Now, it fully supports Windows 365, bringing a more sophisticated solution to IT and SecOps teams.

What’s New?

the September 2023 Intune service release, Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of EPM. The new update allows IT and SecOps to run everyone as a standard user, elevating privileges only when necessary.

“EPM offers a more sophisticated solution, balancing security and productivity.”

Major Updates

Previously, IT admins faced a binary choice: run employees as standard users or local admins. The updated EPM now provides a more nuanced approach.

Approved Elevations

Approved elevations are designed by rules and parameters set by IT admins. This ensures that privileges are elevated only when required, enhancing both security and productivity.

“IT admins traditionally struggle with the binary choice of running employees as standard users or local admins.”

Why is this Important?

This update is significant as it offers a more secure and efficient way of managing user privileges. It ensures that users only have the access they need, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Moreover, it also enhances productivity by allowing necessary privileges to be elevated quickly and easily. This means less time spent waiting for admin approval and more time focusing on the task at hand.

Stay tuned for more updates from Microsoft Intune as they continue to enhance their services and solutions for a more secure and productive digital workspace.

  • Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) now supports Windows 365.
  • EPM is part of the Microsoft Intune Suite.
  • EPM allows IT and SecOps to run everyone as a standard user, elevating privileges only when needed.
  • The system helps to overcome the traditional struggle of running employees as standard users or local admins.
  • EPM offers a more sophisticated solution for balancing security and productivity.
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