Optimizing App Development for Arm: Microsoft’s New Advisory Service

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Microsoft is launching a new Arm Advisory Service for developers to assist in building Arm-optimized apps. This service is part of Microsoft’s commitment to ensure apps run smoothly on Windows on Arm. With the Arm market share predicted to nearly double by 2027, Microsoft is aiding developers in optimizing their applications for Arm.

Windows Unveils Arm Advisory Service for Developers

Microsoft is making app development on Windows on Arm easier than ever with the launch of the Arm Advisory Service. This new service is designed to aid developers in creating Arm-optimized apps, ensuring that your applications will run smoothly on Windows on Arm.

Why Arm and Why Now?

Arm devices are gaining popularity due to their lightweight design, fast connectivity, extended battery life, and advanced camera and audio capabilities. As such, more developers are creating Arm-optimized versions of their applications. Counterpoint predicts that Arm’s market share will almost double from 14% to 25% by 2027, highlighting the importance of app compatibility for Windows on Arm.

“Most apps just work under emulation, and developers can port their apps to run natively with minimal effort. More device manufacturers are building Arm devices for a reason.”

What’s New in the Arm Advisory Service?

Microsoft’s Arm Advisory Service is a no-cost engineering advisory program that offers a range of benefits. These include technical workshops, guidance on platform features, code samples and reviews, break-fix assistance, and an escalation path to Microsoft engineers.

Arm Advisory Service: A Helping Hand for Developers

Microsoft has been helping developers create Arm-optimized apps for over three years. The Arm Advisory Service has already assisted in areas of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and anti-malware product suites on Arm by providing code samples, code reviews, and debugging help.

“This Arm development assistance is key to enabling ISVs to optimize their applications for Arm.”

Getting Started with the Arm Advisory Service

To get started with the Arm Advisory Service, developers can fill out a form and the App Assure team will get in touch. If any issues arise, developers can reach out to Microsoft for assistance.

Testimonials: Arm Advisory Service in Action

The Arm Advisory Service has already helped leading companies like Zscaler, a large cloud security company, and Absolute, a leading cybersecurity company, develop Arm-native applications. These testimonials highlight the effectiveness of the Arm Advisory Service in enabling successful Arm development.

  • Microsoft’s Arm Advisory Service is a free engineering advisory program for developers.
  • The program includes a technical workshop for development best practices and guidance.
  • Developers receive suggestions on platform features to enhance the Arm application experience.
  • Code samples and reviews are provided to facilitate Arm development.
  • Microsoft offers break-fix assistance for issues arising when porting or building Arm apps.
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