Microsoft and Quantinuum Revolutionize Quantum Computing: Achieving 800x More Reliable Logical Qubits

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Leap: Microsoft and Quantinuum Set New Records

In a groundbreaking announcement, Microsoft and Quantinuum have unveiled the most reliable logical qubits to date, marking a significant stride in quantum computing. This achievement showcases an error rate 800 times better than that of physical qubits, a milestone that promises to revolutionize various industries.

What’s New?

By integrating Microsoft’s innovative qubit-virtualization system with Quantinuum’s ion-trap hardware, the collaboration has conducted over 14,000 experiments without encountering a single error. This advancement not only demonstrates enhanced quantum computation reliability but also introduces error diagnostics and corrections without compromising the logical qubits.

“Today signifies a major achievement for the entire quantum ecosystem,” the Microsoft Blog states, highlighting the significance of this breakthrough.

Major Updates

The partnership has effectively transcended the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) level, ushering in the era of Level 2 Resilient quantum computing. This leap forward is pivotal for the development of a hybrid supercomputing system capable of transforming research and innovation across myriad sectors.

Hybrid Supercomputing: The Future of Innovation

A hybrid supercomputer, powered by 100 reliable logical qubits, could significantly benefit organizations by offering a scientific advantage. Moreover, scaling up to 1,000 reliable logical qubits could unprecedented commercial advantages.

What’s Important to Know

Advanced capabilities stemming from these logical qubits will soon be accessible in a private preview for Azure Quantum Elements customers. This initiative is part of a broader effort to address some of society’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, food insecurity, and the energy crisis, through enhanced computing .

“Whether it’s to supercharge pharma productivity or pioneer the next sustainable battery, accelerating scientific discovery requires a purpose-built, hybrid compute ,” Microsoft emphasizes, underlining the critical role of this technology in future innovations.

The promise of quantum computing lies in its potential to simulate molecular and atomic interactions at a quantum level, a task beyond the reach of classical computers. This capability could unlock solutions pivotal for positive change worldwide.

Microsoft and Quantinuum’s recent achievement is not just a technical milestone; it’s a beacon of hope for solving complex problems that affect our planet and its inhabitants. With Azure Quantum Elements, organizations are empowered to transform research and development, leveraging AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and the future potential of scaled quantum computing.

This collaboration between Microsoft and Quantinuum represents a significant leap towards realizing the full potential of quantum computing, setting the stage for a future where scientific discovery and innovation are accelerated like never before.


  • Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization system paired with Quantinuum’s ion-trap hardware led to over 14,000 error-free experiments.
  • This breakthrough transitions quantum computing from NISQ to Level 2 Resilient quantum computing.
  • The collaboration aims at a hybrid supercomputer, potentially transforming industries with 100 to 1,000 reliable logical qubits.
  • Azure Quantum Elements customers will soon access these advanced capabilities in private preview.
  • The initiative targets solving complex problems like climate change and energy crisis by simulating molecular interactions at the quantum level.
  • From the The Official Microsoft Blog

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