Microsoft Shifts Revolutionizes Frontline Scheduling: Excel Integration and Date-Specific Availability

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**** Microsoft announces major upgrades in for better frontline worker availability and schedule management via Excel. Enhanced features include specific date availability and improved scheduling for managers.-


Microsoft Shifts Enhances Frontline Worker Scheduling with Excel Integration

Microsoft Shifts Enhances Frontline Worker Scheduling Excel Integration

Microsoft has unveiled significant updates to its Shifts application, promising a more streamlined scheduling process for frontline workers and managers. Let’s dive into what’s new and why it matters.

What’s New?

One of the standout features in this update is the ability to specify availability by date. This marks a departure from the previous limitation of setting recurring availability, such as every Monday. Now, frontline workers can communicate their availability for specific dates, allowing for more precise and flexible scheduling.

“This enables managers to accurately devise schedules based on the workers’ available date and time, reducing the need for later adjustments.”

Major Updates

The integration with Excel for importing schedules represents a significant leap forward. This functionality is not just about importing data; it’s about bringing the of Excel’s data manipulation and analysis capabilities into the scheduling process. Managers can now leverage Excel to create more efficient and effective schedules.

Import Schedule from Excel

Previously, creating and adjusting schedules within Shifts could be cumbersome. With the new Excel import feature, managers can swiftly create schedules outside of the and import them directly into Shifts. This streamlines the scheduling process, saving time and reducing errors.

What’s Important to Know

These updates are more than just quality-of-life improvements. They represent a significant shift in how frontline workers and their managers can interact with the scheduling process. By providing more flexibility and integrating with Excel, Microsoft is acknowledging the diverse needs of frontline industries and the critical role of efficient scheduling in their operations.

“We’re excited to announce significant product upgrades that will deliver enhanced frontline worker (FLW) availability preferences and frontline manager (FLM) schedule creation in Shifts through Excel import.”

In conclusion, Microsoft’s latest updates to Shifts are set to make a considerable impact on the efficiency and flexibility of scheduling for frontline workers and managers. By leveraging the power of Excel and offering more granular control over availability, Microsoft is streamlining the scheduling process in meaningful ways.


  • Significant updates to Microsoft Shifts enhance FLW and FLM experience.
  • New feature allows frontline workers to indicate availability by specific dates.
  • Frontline managers can now create more accurate schedules with fewer adjustments needed.
  • Previously, availability could only be set for recurring days, limiting flexibility.
  • These upgrades streamline the scheduling process, benefiting both workers and managers.
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