Maximize Security: How the Latest Windows Update Enhances Intune Certificate Management

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****Learn how the May 10, , update affects Intune-delivered certificates and implement strong mapping to mitigate vulnerabilities.


Enhancing Security with Microsoft Intune’s Strong Mapping of Certificates

Revolutionizing Certificate in Microsoft Intune

In a recent update, Microsoft has taken significant steps to bolster security within its Intune . This comes after the May 10, 2022, Windows update aimed at mitigating elevation of privilege vulnerabilities.

What’s New?

The latest enhancements focus on the Active Directory Kerberos Key Distribution (KDC) behavior in Windows Server 2008 and subsequent versions. These changes are crucial for IT professionals and organizations aiming to safeguard their systems against certificate spoofing.

Major Updates

Following the Windows update (KB5014754), Microsoft Intune has started implementing strong mapping for certificates. This move is a direct response to feedback concerning security vulnerabilities.

“We’ve received feedback from customers wanting to understand how this impacts certificates delivered by Intune.”

Such feedback has been instrumental in guiding Microsoft’s security enhancements.

Why It’s Important to Know

cybersecurity threats becoming more sophisticated, the integrity of certificates is paramount. This update ensures that certificates delivered by Intune are more secure, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and spoofing.

Implementing the Update

For IT professionals, understanding and implementing these changes is critical. It not only enhances the security of their systems but also ensures compliance with the latest security standards.

“This month we’ve begun to roll out updates to strengthen the mapping of certificates in Microsoft Intune.”

This proactive approach by Microsoft highlights its commitment to security and customer feedback.


Microsoft’s latest update to Intune certificates marks a significant step forward in the fight against cybersecurity threats. By implementing strong mapping for certificates, Microsoft addresses vulnerabilities head-on, ensuring that organizations can rely on Intune for secure and reliable certificate management. As these updates roll out, staying informed and prepared to implement changes is crucial for all IT professionals.


  • Windows Server 2008 and later versions received an update to mitigate certificate spoofing vulnerabilities.
  • The update impacts how certificates are delivered and managed through Microsoft Intune.
  • Feedback from customers highlights a need for clarity on the update’s implications for Intune certificates.
  • Implementing strong mapping in Microsoft Intune is essential for enhancing security.
  • The Intune Support Team provides guidance on adjusting to the changes introduced by the update.
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