Enhancing Frontline Management: New Updates to Microsoft Shifts Settings for Improved User Control and Experience

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The Microsoft Community Hub has released updates to Microsoft Shifts settings, enhancing the user experience for frontline managers and workers. The updates provide greater control over team-level capabilities, including changes to the Open Shifts setting.

Understanding Microsoft Shifts Settings: A User’s Perspective

Microsoft Shifts is evolving, offering frontline managers more control over team-level capabilities. The latest updates aim to improve the end-user experience for both managers and workers.

What’s New in Microsoft Shifts?

Key updates have been made to the Shifts settings page, focusing on open shifts and frontline managers’ control.

Open Shifts

Previously, when the Open Shifts setting was off, managers could create but not publish open shifts. They could also view open and assigned shifts on their team’s schedule, including when workers are scheduled for time off.

With the new update, when the setting is turned off, managers can no longer create open shifts. This change gives managers more control over shift scheduling and improves the overall user experience.

“Frontline managers have gained greater control, on a team-level, over the capabilities offered in Microsoft Shifts.”

Why is this Important?

These updates are crucial as they allow for a more streamlined and efficient scheduling process. Managers now have a greater level of control over shift scheduling, which can lead to increased productivity and better team management.

“With the latest releases now available on the Shifts settings page, we have made updates to improve the end-user experience for frontline manager and workers.”

Final Thoughts

Microsoft continues to improve its Shifts tool, focusing on enhancing the user experience and providing managers with more control. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future.

  • Microsoft Community Hub is a platform for learning and connecting with experts and peers.
  • Microsoft Shifts is a tool for frontline managers and workers.
  • The updates to Microsoft Shifts settings offer greater team-level control.
  • Changes to the Open Shifts setting have been made, affecting the creation and publishing of shifts.
  • The updates aim to improve the end-user experience for frontline managers and workers.
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