Introducing Bing Chat’s New Dark Mode: A More Energy-Efficient Browsing Experience

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Bing has introduced a new mode’ for Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise, making easier on the eyes and energy-efficient. The feature is also available on the Bing mobile app and alters the search page appearance on

Bing Unveils Dark Mode Feature

Web browsing has been made easier on the eyes and more battery-friendly this week Bing’s release of the dark mode for Bing Chat. This new feature is designed to work on both Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise on your desktop browser. Notably, it’s also available on the Bing mobile app.

What’s New?

Dark mode doesn’t just change the interface of Bing Chat, it also alters the appearance of the search page on This provides a unified, eye-friendly browsing experience across the platform.

How to Enable Dark Mode

To switch to dark mode on your desktop, navigate to the Bing menu located at the upper-right corner of your screen. Select the “Dark” option under “Appearance”. On your Bing mobile app, tap on the account icon in the upper-left corner, then “Settings”, and change the theme to “Dark”.

“This week, browsing the web just got easier on your eyes and better for your laptop battery—we released dark mode for Bing Chat!”

Why is This Important?

Dark mode is not just a cosmetic change. It’s a feature that can help reduce eye strain, especially when browsing in low-light conditions. Additionally, it can also help conserve battery life on your devices, making it a practical update for the Bing platform.

Feedback is Welcome

The Bing team encourages users to keep the feedback coming. Your input is valuable in helping them improve and introduce more user-friendly features.

“Keep your feedback coming! – The Bing Team”

In conclusion, Bing’s introduction of dark mode is a welcome update that enhances user experience. It’s a testament to Bing’s commitment to continually improve and adapt to user needs.

  • Dark mode for Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise has been released.
  • The new feature is also available in the Bing mobile app.
  • Dark mode changes the appearance of the search page on
  • To enable dark mode on desktop, select the “Dark” option under “Appearance” in the Bing menu.
  • In the Bing mobile app, tap on the account icon, go to “Settings”, and change the theme to “Dark”.
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