Windows 11 Insiders Get First Look at Enhanced Photos App: Modern UI and Improvements Preserving Original Features

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**** Windows Insiders can now preview a new version of the Photos app built the Windows App SDK, offering UI and improvements, while retaining all .-


Exciting Preview: Windows Photos App Gets a Refresh with Windows App SDK

Windows Photos Enters a New Era

In an exciting announcement for Windows enthusiasts, the Windows Photos app is stepping into the future. Mala Srivatsa, Senior Product Manager for Windows Photos, shared that a preview version of the app is now available for Windows Insiders. This version is built with the cutting-edge Windows App SDK (WASDK), promising a slew of modern UI enhancements, alongside quality and performance improvements.

What’s New?

The transition to WASDK marks a significant leap forward. This framework is designed to empower developers to create more robust and visually appealing applications. For users, this means a Photos app that’s not only faster but also more responsive and pleasing to the eye.

Major Updates

All beloved features and functionalities of the current Photos app remain intact. Yet, the upgrade introduces a modernized user interface and under-the-hood improvements for a smoother experience. As Srivatsa notes, “This change moves Photos to the Windows app development .”

What’s Important to Know

For those eager to test the new waters, the preview is available to Windows Insiders on Windows 11 in the Canary and Dev channels. To experience the enhancements, users can update the Photos app to version 2024.11040.1002.0. However, it’s worth noting that this initial version may have some rough edges, as the team continues to refine the user experience.

“All the current Photos app features and functionality is still present in this version.”

Feedback is invaluable during this phase. Users are encouraged to share their thoughts through the Feedback Hub, ensuring the final version meets the community’s expectations.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the WASDK version of the Windows Photos app is just the beginning. This move signals Microsoft’s commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to enhance user experience. As the app continues to evolve, Windows Insiders play a crucial role in shaping its future.

“We appreciate your comments and suggestions, so please share your feedback with us!”

For those interested in the technical side, further information about the Windows App SDK is available on Microsoft’s official learning platform. This initiative is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.

As the Photos app embarks on this new journey, the tech community watches with anticipation. The promise of a more intuitive, faster, and aesthetically pleasing app is an exciting prospect for Windows users worldwide.


  • Preview available to Windows 11 Insiders in Canary and Dev Channels.
  • Photos app version 2024.11040.1002.0 introduces modern UI enhancements.
  • Current Photos app features and functionality remain unchanged.
  • Feedback requested via Feedback Hub under Apps > Photos.
  • For more on Windows App SDK, visit Microsoft Learn.
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