Enhance Security and Productivity: Microsoft Intune’s Latest Update Empowers IT Pros with Application Elevation Rules

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**** Microsoft Intune’s Endpoint Privilege Management now supports approved elevations, enhancing productivity and by allowing IT pros to grant specific application privileges.-


Microsoft Intune Enhances Endpoint Privilege Management with Support-Approved Elevations

Microsoft Intune’s Major Update: A Leap in Endpoint Privilege Management

In a significant move to bolster security and productivity, Microsoft Intune has introduced support-approved elevations to its Endpoint Privilege Management. This update, announced on April 1, 2024, marks a pivotal shift in how IT professionals can manage application privileges.

What’s New in Endpoint Privilege Management?

The release of Microsoft Intune has brought a much-anticipated feature to Endpoint Privilege Management. Until this update, IT pros had to predefine elevation rules for commonly used applications. Any request for elevated privileges outside these predefined rules was automatically denied, posing a bottleneck for productivity and IT support.

We’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management added support-approved elevations in the March release of Microsoft Intune. – Mike Danoski

Major Updates: Support-Approved Elevations

the introduction of support-approved elevations, IT administrators now have the flexibility to approve elevation requests on a case-by-case basis. This means that even if an application doesn’t have an associated elevation rule, end users can still request elevated access. IT support can then review and approve these requests, ensuring that productivity is not hindered by stringent security measures.

What’s Important to Know

This update is a game-changer for organizations striving to maintain a balance between security and productivity. It addresses a critical pain point by eliminating the automatic denial of elevation requests for applications without predefined rules. Now, IT pros can ensure that end users have the necessary access to perform their tasks efficiently, without compromising on security.

Enhancing Productivity and Security

The ability to approve elevations on demand is a significant step forward in endpoint privilege management. It not only enhances productivity by reducing downtime caused by access restrictions but also ensures that security is not compromised. By allowing IT pros to review elevation requests, organizations can maintain tight control over application access, mitigating potential security risks.

Transitioning Towards Flexible IT Support

This update signifies a shift towards more flexible and responsive IT support. By empowering IT professionals with the ability to approve elevation requests, Microsoft Intune is facilitating a more adaptive and efficient approach to privilege management.

In conclusion, the support-approved elevations feature in Microsoft Intune’s Endpoint Privilege Management is a significant enhancement that addresses both security concerns and productivity needs. It exemplifies Microsoft’s commitment to providing tools that not only secure the digital environment but also empower users and IT professionals alike.


  • Microsoft Intune’s March update introduces support-approved elevations for Endpoint Privilege Management.
  • IT professionals can now create elevation rules for applications, streamlining user access requests.
  • Previously, users faced automatic denial for applications lacking predefined elevation rules.
  • This update aims to balance productivity with maintaining least privilege access principles.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management has been aiding IT pros in managing user privileges efficiently for over a year.
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