Title: Mastering Data Storytelling: Strategies for Impactful Communication with Microsoft Viva People Science Experts

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** **Discover how to craft a compelling narrative with your data in the ‘Think like a People Scientist’ webinar by Microsoft Viva People Science team. Learn the science behind storytelling for impactful communication with your leadership.**Unique Bullet Points:**

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Think like a People Scientist: Telling a Compelling Story with Your Data

On March 20th, Microsoft hosted the second webinar in the ‘Think like a People Scientist’ series.

What’s New?

The webinar focused on building and communicating a compelling story about data to leadership teams.

Major Updates

Stephanie Downey and Keith Mcgrane discussed the importance of storytelling in data communication.

What’s Important to Know?

Stories are more memorable and impactful than presenting facts alone, according to the experts.

“Craft a message that appeals to logic, emotion, and credibility to effectively communicate data insights.”

By understanding the science behind storytelling, you can enhance the impact of your data presentations.

Effective communication of data can influence decision-making at all levels within an organization.

Utilizing storytelling techniques can help make complex data more accessible and engaging for audiences.

Engaging with data in a narrative format can drive better understanding and retention of key insights.

By incorporating storytelling into data presentations, you can create a more compelling and persuasive narrative.

  • Insights on why stories are more memorable than facts alone
  • Tips on crafting messages that appeal to both logic and emotions
  • Strategies for communicating data effectively to leadership teams
  • Understanding the importance of storytelling in data communication
  • Expert advice from Stephanie Downey and Keith Mcgrane on building compelling narratives
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