Revolutionizing Website Optimization: Microsoft Copilot, Bing Webmaster Tools, and IndexNow Redefine SEO Strategies for Website Owners

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Evolving SEO: Fresh New Features and Updates for Owners

Whether you’re a digital business owner or marketing or SEO agency, you know how challenging it can be to compete in the digital space.

You understand how important it is to constantly optimize websites, create engaging content, attract customers, and measure performance.

But how can you do all that without spending a fortune or wasting time on trial and error?

That’s where Microsoft , Bing Webmaster , and IndexNow come in.

In our keynote at Pubcon March 2024, we shared how you can leverage the power of AI, instant indexing, and data to grow your digital business faster and smarter.

What’s New and Important to Know

New Top Insights in Bing Webmaster Tools help maximize your website’s visibility and performance.

IndexNow web pages provide easy adoption steps for websites and content management systems.

IndexNow Insights offer comprehensive analysis on your submitted URLs.

Insights Features Optimize Visibility and Performance

Delivering top-tier insights and actionable recommendations, both Top Insights and IndexNow Insights empower website owners.

Identify your most impactful tasks for website optimization these resources located in the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard.

New IndexNow Web Pages

Updated IndexNow web pages offer a fresh and user-friendly design for easier access to information about IndexNow.

Learn about the benefits, technical details, and top companies adopting IndexNow all in one place.

“Insights Features Optimize Visibility and Performance”
“New IndexNow Web Pages for easier access to information about IndexNow.”

  • SEO company Ahrefs and support IndexNow
  • IndexNow crawling updated and deleted content faster
  • Streamlined navigation in Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Top Insights and IndexNow Insights provide actionable recommendations
  • New IndexNow web pages with user-friendly design
  • From the Bing Blogs

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