Microsoft Elevates Copilot Capabilities in Windows and Windows 365 to Boost Employee Productivity and Creativity

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Discover how Microsoft is advancing Copilot capabilities in and Windows 365 to empower employees AI technology, enabling them to work more efficiently and creatively in the new era of work.Unique Bullet Points:

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Copilot in Windows and Windows 365: Helping customers advance in the new era of work


Are you ready for a new era of productivity with AI technology that is changing the way people work?

Advancing AI with Windows

Today at the digital event, Microsoft shared strategies on advancing AI capabilities across businesses.

Key Quote:

“Every organization is going to need an AI strategy – one that enables them to enjoy all the benefits it unlocks for individual productivity and creativity.” – Melissa Grant

Strategy 1: Advancing your goals with Copilot

Copilot in Windows is an AI orchestrator, enabling employees to focus on strategic work and get things done faster.

Key Quote:

“Copilot in Windows is an AI orchestrator, taking on tasks across apps, files, settings, data and the web, so people can get better answers faster.” – Jared Spataro

Strategy 2: Work without limits

The focus is on empowering employees to work securely on their device of choice or with a Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Key Quote:

“Empowering employees to work without limits more securely on their approved device of choice.” – Melissa Grant

New Surface for Business

The new Surface devices announced offer flexibility and security for employees to work efficiently.

Key Quote:

“The new Surface devices for business announced today are the first…”

  • Introduction of Copilot in Windows as an AI orchestrator to handle tasks across apps, files, settings, data, and the web, freeing up employees’ time for strategic work.
  • Integration of Copilot in Microsoft 365 capabilities in Windows, allowing users to enable Copilot in M365 for enhanced productivity across various work data.
  • Enhancements in Copilot for Windows 11, providing users with new skills and capabilities to act as an IT assistant and personal assistant.
  • Focus on empowering employees to work securely without limits on their preferred devices, including new Surface devices for business and Windows 365 Cloud PC.
  • Emphasis on enabling employees to access Copilot easily through the Windows taskbar or Copilot key on new Windows PCs and Surface devices for business.
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