Enhanced Editing Experience: Windows Insiders Receive Notepad Spellcheck Update on Windows 11

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Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11 are receiving an update introducing spellcheck in . The feature highlights misspelled words, provides suggestions, and supports multiple languages, enhancing the experience.

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Spellcheck in Notepad Begins Rolling Out to Windows Insiders

Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11 are in for a treat!

What’s New

The update to Notepad (version 11.2402.18.0) introduces spellcheck and autocorrect functionality.

Major Updates

Misspelled words are now highlighted in red, with suggestions for easy corrections as you type.

What’s Important to Know

Spellcheck supports multiple languages and can be customized for different file types in Notepad settings.

“We are beginning to roll out spellcheck in Notepad, so it may not be available to all Insiders…”

Getting started with spellcheck is simple – just click on a misspelled word to see suggested spellings.

Feedback is encouraged through the Feedback Hub under Apps > Notepad for further enhancements.


This update brings a long-awaited feature to Notepad, enhancing the user experience for Windows Insiders.

  • Notepad update brings spellcheck feature to Windows Insiders
  • Misspelled words are automatically underlined in red
  • Autocorrect feature fixes common typing mistakes
  • Users can easily correct mistakes by selecting suggested spellings
  • Spellcheck supports multiple languages and can be toggled on or off for different file types
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