Intel Launches Over 100 AI-Enhanced PCs with Dell, HP, and More: Revolutionizing Business Productivity with vPro and Core Ultra at MWC 2024

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**** At MWC 2024, Intel unveiled over 100 AI PCs with partners like Dell & HP, featuring the vPro platform & Intel Core Ultra, enhancing business productivity with AI, including Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11 for easier daily tasks.

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Intel’s Game-Changing Announcement at MWC 2024

At the heart of Mobile World Congress 2024, Intel unveiled a groundbreaking expansion to AI PCs tailored for businesses. This move introduces over 100 AI PCs across various designs from leading partners like Acer, ASUS, and Dell, to name a few.

What’s New: The Intel vPro Platform

The spotlight shines on the Intel vPro platform, a new addition that promises to revolutionize AI PCs for businesses of all sizes. This platform is the backbone of the newly announced PCs, enabling enhanced AI experiences in productivity and creativity.

Major Updates: Powering up with AI

These AI PCs are not just about raw power. They come equipped with a new neural processing unit (NPU), alongside the traditional GPU and CPU. This trio is set to bring unparalleled AI experiences to the forefront of business operations.

Microsoft Copilot Integration

Another exciting feature is the integration of Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11.

“These laptops have the new built-in Copilot key, providing faster access to your everyday AI companion in Windows 11,”
the announcement highlighted. This feature aims to simplify daily tasks with the power of AI.

Enhanced Graphics and Performance

Intel Core Ultra-powered mobile workstations are set to redefine graphics performance. With built-in Intel Arc graphics and a new dedicated OEM-enabled Intel Arc Pro workstation graphics driver, these PCs are geared for high-end creative, design, and engineering software.

Key Quotes

“Intel brings a new era of responsive and reliable graphics capabilities to the modern workforce,”
emphasizing the leap in performance and reliability for professional applications.

Seamless OS Transitions and Compatibility

Intel’s commitment to smooth transitions between operating systems is evident. The vPro platform ensures compatibility with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, boasting a staggering 99.7% application compatibility on Windows 11.

Unlocking New AI Experiences

The dedicated AI acceleration across CPU, GPU, and the new NPU is a game-changer. This feature is designed to support frequently used apps and unlock a new wave of AI experiences for businesses.

Extending the Commercial Portfolio

Intel is not stopping at laptops and mobile workstations. The new Intel Core 14th Gen processors will also power a range of desktops and entry-level workstations, featuring a performance hybrid architecture for advanced applications and multitasking.

Intel’s announcements at MWC 2024 mark a significant milestone in the integration of AI into business PCs. This move not only enhances productivity and creativity but also sets a new standard for professional computing.


  • Intel announced a partnership with Acer, ASUS, and more, launching AI PCs with advanced NPU, GPU, and CPU capabilities.
  • Intel Core Ultra-powered PCs come with Microsoft Copilot, offering AI assistance directly via a built-in Copilot key.
  • New Intel mobile workstations are equipped with Intel Arc graphics and a dedicated Arc Pro graphics driver for improved creative and engineering software performance.
  • Intel’s technology supports ray tracing, AI video upscaling to 8K, and AV1 for better image compression and streaming.
  • The Intel vPro platform ensures seamless compatibility with Windows 10 and 11, bolstering application compatibility to 99.7% on Windows 11.
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