Jonas Ohmsen’s Guide to Mastering Patch Compliance: Achieve 100% Success with ConfigMgr Reporting

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**** Jonas Ohmsen shares insights on achieving 100% patch compliance with his ConfigMgr Windows Update Compliance Reporting solution, aiming to address common questions and errors.-

“`html Exploring the Latest in Windows Update Compliance Reporting: Insights from Jonas Ohmsen

Introduction to Windows Update Compliance Reporting

Jonas Ohmsen, a notable figure in the tech community, recently shed light on the essentials of Windows Update Compliance Reporting. With a friendly “Moin Moin” from the north of Germany, Jonas dives into the frequently asked questions surrounding his report solution, aimed at achieving 100% patch compliance. This blog post aims to distill the key points from his discussion for a tech-savvy audience.

What’s New in Compliance Reporting?

Jonas’s report solution, designed some years ago, continues to be a cornerstone for those navigating update related errors. Yet, the landscape of compliance reporting is ever-evolving. Jonas’s latest insights provide a beacon for IT professionals striving for perfection in patch compliance.

Major Updates to Note

While Jonas’s original report solution laid the groundwork, his ongoing engagement with the community has led to refinements and updates. These adjustments are crucial for IT administrators aiming to keep their systems secure and up-to-date.

What’s Important to Know

Understanding the intricacies of Windows Update Compliance Reporting is no small feat. Jonas emphasizes the importance of not just relying on tools but also understanding the underlying processes that drive update compliance.

“If you haven’t seen my ConfigMgr report solution yet, here is the link: ‘Mastering Configuration Manager Patch Compliance Reporting’ – Hopefully the Q&A list will help others to reach 100% patch compliance. If that’s even possible ;)”

This quote encapsulates the spirit of Jonas’s mission: to demystify the complexities of compliance reporting and to empower IT professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

Key Takeaways

Jonas’s FAQ document serves as a comprehensive guide for those grappling with update-related errors. It’s a testament to his dedication to the community and his desire to share knowledge. For those looking to master their compliance reporting, Jonas’s insights are invaluable.


In conclusion, Jonas Ohmsen’s contributions to the field of Windows Update Compliance Reporting are both significant and timely. As the landscape of IT security and compliance continues to evolve, having access to Jonas’s expertise and report solution is an invaluable asset for any tech professional. Embrace the insights, explore the report solution, and take a step closer to achieving 100% patch compliance.


  • Jonas Ohmsen introduces a FAQ document for his ConfigMgr report solution.
  • The document aims to help users achieve 100% patch compliance.
  • Insights include dealing with update-related errors effectively.
  • The FAQ is a response to ongoing questions about the report solution.
  • Link provided to “Mastering Configuration Manager Patch Compliance Reporting”.
  • From the Core Infrastructure and Security Blog