Microsoft Power Platform Transforms Business Operations: Case Studies from Coca-Cola Vietnam and

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Microsoft Power Platform is revolutionizing industries by enabling over 230,000 organizations to automate processes and innovate, with Coca-Cola Vietnam and showcasing significant efficiency gains.-

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Microsoft Power Platform: A Catalyst for Innovation and Efficiency

Industry-leading organizations worldwide are leveraging Microsoft Power Platform to revolutionize their operations. From application development to business process automation, the platform’s impact is profound and widespread. With over 230,000 organizations harnessing its AI capabilities, the real-world effects are both groundbreaking and measurable.

What’s New?

Microsoft recently announced an impressive milestone: more than 10,000 organizations are now using Microsoft Copilot Studio to design custom copilots. This achievement underscores the platform’s versatility and widespread acceptance across various industries.

Major Updates

The Power Platform’s latest achievements highlight its role in driving significant operational advancements. Notably, its AI functionalities have been instrumental in creating innovative solutions that deliver tangible outcomes.

Transformative Customer Stories

Among the success stories, Coca-Cola Vietnam and stand out for their strategic use of Microsoft Power Platform to enhance efficiency and customer service.

“In just six months, our digital champions created 60 automated processes using Power Automate to digitize previously manual workflows.” —Rahul Shinde, Vice President & CIO, Coca-Cola Vietnam

What’s Important to Know

The platform’s ability to automate complex business processes and integrate AI capabilities makes it a powerful tool for companies aiming to innovate and improve their operations.

Coca-Cola Vietnam’s Digital Leap

Coca-Cola Vietnam’s adoption of Microsoft Power Platform has revolutionized its sales, purchasing, and distribution processes. By automating over 60 workflows in just six months, the company has not only saved time but also positioned itself as a digital leader in the consumer goods industry.’s Efficiency Boost

Similarly, has experienced remarkable improvements in efficiency and cost reduction. By incorporating generative AI and Power Automate, the digital insurance agency has cut manual processing time by 60% and reduced associated costs by 50%.

These stories exemplify the transformative potential of Microsoft Power Platform. As more organizations adopt this technology, we can expect to see continued innovation and efficiency gains across industries.


  • Coca-Cola Vietnam leveraged Microsoft Power Platform to automate over 60 workflows, enhancing operational efficiency.
  •, a digital insurance agency, cut manual processing time by 60% through generative AI and Power Automate.
  • Microsoft Copilot Studio is being used by over 10,000 organizations to create tailored copilots, showcasing its widespread adoption.
  • The platform’s AI capabilities have been utilized by more than 230,000 organizations, demonstrating its significant real-world impact.
  • Microsoft Power Platform’s success stories, like those of Coca-Cola Vietnam and, highlight its transformative potential in various industries.
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