Intune Announces OS Support Update: Android 10 and Newer Versions to be Supported Post-Android 15 Release

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**** is set to revise its OS in October 2024, post- 15’s , to only support Android 10 and later for user-based management methods.-


Intune’s Big Move: Android 10 and Beyond

Intune’s Strategic Shift to Android 10 and Later

For tech enthusiasts keen on the latest in device management, a significant update is on the horizon. Microsoft’s Intune is setting its sights on Android 10 and newer versions, starting October 2024. This move, announced by the Intune Support Team, marks a pivotal shift in how user-based management methods will evolve in the near future.

What’s New?

Intune’s decision to focus on Android 10 and subsequent versions is a response to user feedback and the anticipated release of Android 15. This strategic adjustment is not just about keeping up Android’s advancements but also about enhancing security and efficiency in device management.

Major Updates

With this transition, Intune aims to streamline its support system and ensure users benefit from the latest security features and optimizations that newer Android versions offer. This is a forward-looking approach, considering the rapid pace at which mobile technology evolves.

What’s Important to Know

For businesses and IT professionals leveraging Intune for device management, this change underscores the importance of staying updated with Android versions. It’s a call to action to ensure that within their networks are not left behind as Intune shifts its focus to more recent Android versions.

“We’ve heard your feedback asking to understand the plan for Intune’s support for Android operating system (OS) versions.” – Intune Support Team

This quote encapsulates the essence of Intune’s move – a user-centric approach to device management that prioritizes current technology trends and security standards.

Transitioning with Ease

As we closer to October 2024, organizations should begin assessing their device inventory, identifying devices that may not meet the new Intune requirements. This proactive step will mitigate potential disruptions and ensure a smooth transition to support Android 10 and later versions.


Intune’s upcoming support adjustment is more than just a technical update; it’s a strategic move aligned with the evolving landscape of mobile technology. For the tech-savvy audience, this development is a reminder of the importance of staying at the forefront of technology adoption and ensuring that device management strategies are future-proof.


  • Intune’s update aligns with post-Android 15 release timelines.
  • Support revision targets Android 10 and subsequent versions.
  • User-based management methods are the focus of this support change.
  • The decision is a response to community feedback on OS support plans.
  • Intune aims to streamline management with updated OS support.
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