Windows Insiders Explore Enhanced Snipping Tool and Notepad Features: New Annotation Shapes and Copilot Explanations

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**** Windows Insiders can now explore updates to Snipping Tool and Notepad, including new shapes for annotations and an “Explain with Copilot” feature for text insights.-

“`html Exciting Updates for Snipping Tool and Notepad Unveiled for Windows Insiders

Windows Insiders Get a Sneak Peek at Snipping Tool and Notepad Enhancements

For the tech aficionados eagerly awaiting the latest software updates, Windows has just announced exciting new features for two of its staple applications: Snipping Tool and Notepad. These updates, now rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11, promise to enhance user experience with innovative functionalities.

Snipping Tool: Beyond Basic Screenshots

The Snipping Tool, beloved for its simplicity and effectiveness in capturing screenshots, is receiving a significant upgrade. The latest version, 11.2401.32.0, introduces the ability to embellish captures with shapes such as rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows. This addition is perfect for users looking to quickly mark up their screenshots for clarity or emphasis.

“To get started, select the new shapes button in the toolbar, and select the desired shape.”

Moreover, these shapes are not just static; users can resize, move, or change their color, ensuring that the final image perfectly matches their needs. And for those moments when perfection is just out of reach, the eraser tool and undo function are there to save the day.

Notepad Joins Forces with Copilot

Notepad, the quintessential text editor, is also getting a noteworthy update. The new feature, “Explain with Copilot,” aims to revolutionize how users interact with text files. Whether it’s deciphering log files, understanding code segments, or simply wanting a clearer explanation of the selected content, Copilot is ready to assist directly within Notepad.

“Highlight any text, right-click, choose ‘Explain with Copilot’ from the menu or use the new Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut, and a detailed explanation will appear in Copilot.”

This feature leverages the power of Copilot in Windows, although it’s noted that some users might experience delays in seeing this new feature due to known issues.

Feedback: The Gateway to Improvement

Windows is not just about rolling out updates; it’s about refining them based on user feedback. Both Snipping Tool and Notepad enthusiasts are encouraged to share their thoughts through the Feedback Hub. This collaborative approach ensures that future updates align even more closely with user needs and preferences.

As these updates begin their rollout, the anticipation among Windows Insiders is palpable. These enhancements to Snipping Tool and Notepad are more than just new features; they represent Windows’ ongoing commitment to improving user experience through innovation and community feedback.


  • Snipping Tool version 11.2401.32.0 introduces shapes like rectangles and arrows for enhanced screenshot markup.
  • Users can now easily add, resize, and color shapes in Snipping Tool before merging them with screenshots.
  • Notepad’s update (version 11.2401.25.0) integrates “Explain with Copilot” for instant explanations of text content.
  • The “Explain with Copilot” feature in Notepad works through a right-click menu or a Ctrl + E shortcut.
  • Feedback for both applications can be submitted via the Feedback Hub under Apps for Snipping Tool and Notepad.
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