Exploring Infrastructure Development in Azure: The Next Steps After Initial Setup

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In the second part of “Infra in Azure for Developers – The How”, the focus continues on infrastructure for developers. The article explores the next steps setting up a network and a private container app environment, emphasizing the importance of developer involvement in the deployment cycle.

Infra in Azure for Developers: Unravelling the How (Part 2)

Building on the first part of our exploration into Azure infrastructure for developers, we delve deeper into the creation process in this second installment. As we continue to navigate the intricacies of Azure, we’ll uncover the importance of developers’ input in the deployment cycle.

What’s New?

Our journey in the first part left us a network and a private container app environment. This could have been achieved by a non-programmer, but it’s in this part that development experience might prove invaluable.

Major Updates

We’ve been implementing our infrastructure as logical layers, an approach that will continue to guide us in this part. This methodical approach ensures a more efficient and effective deployment process.

Important to Know

Remember, the deployment cycle isn’t a one-man show. It requires the keen eyes of developers to cross the finish line successfully. Their expertise is crucial in ensuring the infrastructure is not only built but also operates optimally.

“At some point in the deployment cycle, developer eyes are needed to cross the finish line.”

Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the complexities of Azure infrastructure for developers. This journey is not just about understanding the ‘how’, but also appreciating the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Azure infrastructure.

  • Continuation of infrastructure for developers series
  • Part two focuses on next steps after initial
  • Discusses the creation of a network and private container app environment
  • Highlights the importance of developer involvement in deployment
  • Infrastructure is implemented as logical layers
  • From the Azure Developer Community Blog

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