Revolutionizing Virtual Meetings: AI-Powered Background Enhancement in Microsoft Teams Premium

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Microsoft Teams Premium now offers a new feature, “Decorate your background”, which uses AI to enhance your meeting background. This feature, announced at Ignite 2023, aims to make virtual meetings more engaging and personalized, catering to the shift towards hybrid work environments.

Microsoft Teams Premium Introduces Exciting New Feature

Microsoft Teams Premium has rolled out an exciting new feature, ‘Decorate your background’, making virtual meetings more engaging and personalized. Announced at Ignite 2023, this innovative feature uses AI to spruce up your meeting background, adding a touch of fun and personalization to your virtual interactions.

What’s New?

This new feature is a generative background effect, giving users the ability to customize their virtual meeting spaces. The feature is now generally available to Teams Premium customers, enhancing their virtual meeting experience.

Major Updates

As we navigate the evolving landscape of hybrid work, virtual meetings have become a daily staple, playing a crucial role in maintaining team collaboration. With the introduction of ‘Decorate your background’, Microsoft Teams Premium is taking a step further in enriching this experience.

“Many of us transformed our home workspaces, sometimes going as far as creating professional backdrops in our homes.”

Why is this Important?

The introduction of this feature marks a significant stride in the evolution of virtual meetings. By allowing users to personalize their backgrounds, Microsoft Teams Premium is making virtual interactions more engaging and less monotonous.

“Decorate your background makes meetings more fun and personal by using AI to spruce up your meeting background.”

With the rollout of this feature, Microsoft continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving user experience and adapting to the changing dynamics of work.

  • Microsoft Teams Premium introduces “Decorate your background” feature.
  • The new feature uses AI to enhance meeting backgrounds.
  • Announced at Ignite 2023, the feature is now generally available.
  • The feature aims to make virtual meetings more engaging and personalized.
  • The development caters to the shift towards hybrid work environments.
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