Exploring the AI-Integrated GalaxyBook4 Series: Seamless Smartphone Connection and Enhanced Video Conferencing Features

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At CES 2024, Samsung unveiled its GalaxyBook4 , featuring Microsoft Copilot in 11. The laptops, available in the U.S., offer a new way to integrate AI and smartphones, providing faster access to AI capabilities and connection Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Introducing Samsung’s GalaxyBook4: A New Era of AI Integration

At CES 2024, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Book4 series, showcasing innovative ways to integrate AI and smartphones. The series, now available in the U.S., introduces a new built-in Microsoft Copilot key in Windows 11, offering faster access to everyday AI companion.

What’s New: Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is designed to make your daily tasks easier by harnessing the of AI. It can help summarize web pages, change settings, and more. For Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, Copilot can connect your phone with the Galaxy Book4, allowing you to manage text messages and other smartphone functions from your PC.

“Harnessing the capabilities of AI to make the things you do every day easier.”

Major Updates: Smartphone Integration

One of the major updates in the Galaxy Book4 series is the ability to turn your Galaxy smartphone’s camera into a PC webcam. This feature is especially handy for those who frequently use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. You can easily switch between front and rear cameras, change your frame to include others in the room, or even show your colleagues the view out the window without adjusting your PC.

Enhanced Video Conferencing

Additionally, you can apply a variety of features from your phone to your call, including Background Blur and Auto-framing. These features can focus your image in any environment, whether it’s a busy coffee shop or a company boardroom.

“You can easily switch between front and rear cameras to adapt to any setup.”

Why It’s Important

The Galaxy Book4 series represents a significant step forward in integrating AI and smartphones. By seamlessly connecting your phone and PC, Samsung is making it easier than ever to manage your digital life. From summarizing web pages to enhancing video calls, the Galaxy Book4 is designed to make your everyday tasks more convenient and efficient.

For more information about the Galaxy Book4 series, visit the official Samsung website.

  • GalaxyBook4 series now available in the U.S., includes Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11.
  • Features a built-in Copilot key for faster access to everyday AI functions.
  • Allows seamless connection with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, enabling users to read, summarize, and send text messages from their PC.
  • Enables the use of a Galaxy smartphone’s camera as a PC webcam for Microsoft Teams video conferencing.
  • Offers features like Background Blur and Auto-framing for video calls, adaptable to any environment.
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