Enhancing Digital Shopping: Walmart’s Integration of Generative AI into Search Function Across Platforms

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Walmart is integrating generative AI into its function to enhance the experience. The AI, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Walmart’s proprietary data, provides curated, personalized item lists for customers. The new capability will be available iOS, Android, and Walmart’s website, offering a more interactive and conversational experience.

Walmart Unveils Generative AI-Powered Capabilities

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is taking a leap into the future the introduction of generative AI into its digital shopping experience. This move aims to make online shopping more efficient and intuitive for its growing number of active digital customers.

What’s New?

Walmart’s new AI-powered search function, built in collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, is designed to understand the context of a customer’s query and provide personalized responses. This innovative feature is set to revolutionize the digital shopping experience.

“Study after study shows that AI is driving impact and value across businesses. AI will create $400-660 billion in value for the retail and consumer goods industry.” – McKinsey

Major Updates

Walmart’s new AI-powered search function will be available across iOS, Android, and the company’s website. This will allow customers to have a more interactive and conversational experience, get answers to specific questions, and receive personalized product suggestions.

What’s Important to Know?

Generative AI in retail is particularly exciting as it can help usher in a new way of shopping; shifting from “scroll searching” to “goal searching,” which makes the digital shopping experience more seamless and intuitive.

“For every $1 a retail and consumer packaged goods company invests in AI, it is seeing a return of $3.45.” – IDC study commissioned by Microsoft

Don’t Forget About the Associates!

Walmart’s generative AI-powered “My Assistant” app is also designed to assist associates with a range of tasks, from summarizing long documents to assisting in the creation of complex reports. This is another step forward in Walmart’s ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and customer service.

With these exciting new developments, Walmart continues to lead the way in leveraging AI technology to enhance the shopping experience for both customers and associates.

  • Walmart’s generative AI-powered search function will be available on iOS, Android, and the company’s website.
  • The AI is built using a combination of Walmart’s proprietary data and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.
  • The AI can understand the context of a customer’s query and generate personalized responses.
  • Generative AI in retail can shift the shopping experience from “scroll searching” to “goal searching”.
  • Walmart also developed a generative AI-powered “My Assistant” app to help associates with various tasks.
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