Exploring the Enhanced User Experience in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020: Extended Language Support, Multi-Display Functionality, and Custom Voice Commands

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11 Insider Preview 26020 has been released to the Canary Channel. The new build introduces extended languages, multi-display support, and commands for voice access, enhancing the overall user experience.”

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020: What’s New and Exciting

The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020 is here, and it’s packed with exciting new features. This release is part of the Canary Channel, which means it’s fresh from the developers’ hands.

Extended Language Support

One of the major updates is the extended language support for voice access. Languages such as French (France and Canada), German, and Spanish (Spain and Mexico) are now supported.

“When voice access is turned on for the first time, you will be prompted to download a speech model to enable on-device recognition of voice data.”

If display language doesn’t match any speech model, you can still use voice access in English (United States).

Multi-Display Support

Another significant update is the multi-display support. All voice access features are now available on multiple displays, including number and grid overlays. This feature was previously available only on the primary display.

“You can use either the alphabet or NATO phonetic in your command to shift focus to another display.”

Moreover, the grid overlay feature has been to allow interaction with the screen you’re currently using and to quickly switch to another display.

Custom Commands for Voice Access

The introduction of voice shortcuts or custom commands is another exciting feature. This allows you to create your own command, whether it’s for a single action or a series of actions performed in sequence.

To get started, say “what can I say” and click on the “Voice shortcuts” tab on the left panel, or use the command “show voice shortcuts” to directly launch the voice shortcuts page.

Final Thoughts

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020 brings a host of new features and improvements, making it a significant update for the tech-savvy audience. From extended language support to multi-display support and custom voice commands, there’s a lot to explore and enjoy.

  • Extended language support now includes French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Mexico).
  • Multi-display support allows users to use all voice access features on multiple displays, including number and grid overlays.
  • The grid overlay feature has been developed to allow users to interact with multiple screens and quickly switch between displays.
  • Voice shortcuts or custom commands have been introduced, enabling users to create their own commands.
  • Creating commands that map to single action or a series of actions performed in sequence is now possible.
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