Revamping NORADSanta.ORG: Enhanced User Experience with JavaScript, New Games, and Global Holiday Traditions

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The North Pole experience at NORADSanta.ORG has undergone significant changes a new JavaScript-based site and features. The website now offers updated new maps, and a faster experience. It also supports eight different languages and provides a unique opportunity to learn about holiday traditions worldwide.

Experience the North Pole like Never Before with NORAD’s New Update

Big changes have arrived at the North Pole experience on NORADsanta.ORG. Developer elves have been hard at work, implementing a new JavaScript-based site hosted in six Azure Regions worldwide.

What’s New?

The new updates bring more than just technical improvements. The real excitement lies in the updated games, new maps, and a faster website experience when navigating the site.

“While that might be fun for developers the real fun can be found in the updated games, new cool maps and faster web site experience when jumping around on the site!”

Language Options

One of the new features is the addition of language options. You can now switch the site to one of eight other languages, including Korean.

Interactive Village and New Games

Hover your mouse over the Village to discover exciting options like “The ARCADE”. Click through to try out some of the great new games added this year.

Learn about Holiday Traditions

Visit Bing Map at to learn about holiday traditions around the world.

Don’t Forget Santa’s Trip

Make sure to revisit the site on Dec 24th to watch Santa’s trip around the globe in 3D!

“Enjoy the site now but don’t forget to come back on Dec 24th to watch Santa’s trip around the globe in 3D!”

The Microsoft Maps Team wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Website has been revamped with a new JavaScript-based platform.
  • Site is now hosted in six Azure Regions globally for better performance.
  • Language options have been expanded to include eight different languages.
  • New games and cool maps have been added to the site.
  • Special feature allows users to learn about holiday traditions from around the world.
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