Enhancing Security: Active Directory Hardening Series Part 2 – SMBv1 Removal and Collaboration Strategies by Jerry Devore

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The Microsoft Community Hub’s Directory Hardening Series Part 2 focuses on removing SMBv1. Jerry shares tips for structuring a protocol hardening project, emphasizing collaboration application owners for successful implementation.

Active Directory Hardening Series: The Importance of Removing SMBv1

In the tech world, security is paramount. In this blog post, we delve into the second part of the Active Directory Hardening Series, focusing on the removal of SMBv1, a crucial aspect of protocol hardening.

Understanding the Need for Protocol Hardening

Protocol hardening is a critical aspect of ensuring network security. It involves the removal or updating of outdated and vulnerable protocols, such as SMBv1, to prevent potential cyber threats.

What’s New: Removing SMBv1

The main focus of this series’ second part is the removal of SMBv1. This is a significant update, as SMBv1 is an outdated protocol that poses security risks if left unaddressed.

Collaboration with Application Owners

One key tip shared by Jerry Devore is the importance of collaborating with application owners. This collaboration is crucial in managing application dependencies, often the ‘long pole in the tent’ when it comes to protocol hardening.

“Before we jump into the technical stuff, I would like to briefly share some tips for structuring a protocol hardening project. I picked up these suggestions from working with customers who have been successful in their protocol hardening efforts.” – Jerry Devore

What’s Important to Know

Understanding the need for protocol hardening and the steps to achieve it is crucial for tech-savvy individuals. It’s not just about removing SMBv1, but also about understanding the implications of keeping outdated protocols.

“Application dependencies always seem to be the proverbial ‘long pole in the tent’ when it comes to protocol hardening.” – Jerry Devore

In conclusion, the removal of SMBv1 is a significant step in protocol hardening. It’s a process that requires collaboration, understanding, and action. Stay tuned for more insights in the Active Directory Hardening Series.

  • Part of the Active Directory Hardening Series on Microsoft Community Hub.
  • Focuses on the removal of SMBv1.
  • Authored by Jerry Devore.
  • Provides tips for structuring a protocol hardening project.
  • Highlights the importance of collaboration with application owners.
  • From the Core Infrastructure and Security Blog

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