Microsoft’s Copilot Service Expansion: Enhanced Accessibility, Data Protection, and Tailored User Experience with OpenAI GPT Support

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Microsoft is enhancing its , previously Bing Chat, to make it more accessible and powerful. The service, which now includes commercial protection, is expanding to include any Entra ID user at no extra cost. The company is also introducing support for GPTs, allowing for a more tailored user experience.

Microsoft Copilot: A New Era of User Experience

Microsoft is revolutionizing the user experience by transforming Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise into Copilot. This change is part of their vision to make Copilot accessible to all users, starting with Bing, their leading web experience.

Introducing Copilot

From today, users signed in with Microsoft Entra ID will enjoy commercial data protection on Copilot. The goal is to extend this service to all Entra ID users at no extra cost. This means that employees will benefit from commercial data protection whenever they log into Copilot with their work accounts.

“Over time, our vision is to expand Copilot to any Entra ID user at no additional cost—so wherever and whenever an employee signs into Copilot with their work account they will get commercial data protection.”

Accessing Copilot

Microsoft is also expanding how users can access Copilot. A new dedicated chat experience and home for Copilot is now available at will still be accessible for users who prefer a combined search and chat experience.

OpenAI GPTs Support

In a bid to make Copilot more powerful, versatile, and creative, Microsoft is announcing support for OpenAI GPTs. These are a new way to create a tailored version of Copilot for specific tasks. Along with the previously announced support of OpenAI schema plugins, GPTs and plugins will open new opportunities across citizen and professional developers. They will provide users with experiences and interactions tailored to meet their needs.

Commercial Data Protection with Copilot

Copilot, formerly Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise, will become generally available on December 1. Since launching Bing Chat, there have been more than 1 billion prompts and queries. Copilot is already proving to be a confident first step in generative AI for many organizations.

“Today, we’re making more announcements about Copilot, including data protection with Microsoft Edge for Business and plugin publishing.”

Microsoft Edge for Business: Protecting Sensitive Content

Microsoft Edge for Business, a secure enterprise browser optimized for AI, is a key tool for safeguarding company assets and data. In addition to commercial data protection built into Copilot, Edge for Business enforces document and website sensitivity labels in the sidebar via Microsoft Purview data loss prevention (DLP). This prevents sensitive content from being accessed by Copilot for page summarization.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s Copilot is set to revolutionize the user experience with its new features, data protection, and accessibility. It’s a significant step forward in the realm of AI technology.

  • Copilot, previously Bing Chat, now includes commercial data protection for any eligible user signed in with Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Microsoft to expand Copilot to any Entra ID user at no additional cost.
  • Users can access Copilot via a dedicated website,, or continue using for a combined search and chat experience.
  • Microsoft is introducing support for OpenAI GPTs, allowing users to create a tailored version of Copilot for specific tasks.
  • Copilot with commercial data protection will be generally available on December 1, with expansion to Microsoft 365 F3 coming soon.
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