Exploring Windows 11 Update: Introducing Windows AI Studio and Enhanced Developer Tools for AI Development and Productivity

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Windows is enhancing the developer experience with new AI and productivity tools. The latest Windows 11 update introduces Windows AI Studio, a platform to aid local AI development and deployment. It also offers updates to Dev Home and new enterprise features in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Elevating the Developer Experience on Windows: AI Tools and Productivity Enhancements

Windows is taking the developer experience to a new level with its latest AI tools and productivity enhancements. The recent Windows 11 update, released on September 26, introduced a range of developer features designed to boost productivity.

Introducing Windows AI Studio

Today, Windows is thrilled to announce the launch of Windows AI Studio. This new AI experience aims to simplify local AI development and deployment for both enterprises and developers.

“Many developers and enterprises want to bring AI differentiated experiences to their apps and we have heard from these developers that they need an easier and trusted way to get started with local AI development.”

What’s New: Simplifying AI App Development

Windows AI Studio simplifies generative AI app development by integrating cutting-edge AI development tools and models from Azure AI Studio and other catalogs like Hugging Face. This allows developers to fine-tune, customize and deploy state-of-the-art small language models (SLMs) for local use in their Windows apps.

Hybrid Loop Development Patterns and Hybrid AI Scenarios

Windows AI Studio brings us closer to supporting Hybrid Loop development patterns and enabling hybrid AI scenarios across Azure and client devices. This gives developers the choice to run their models on the cloud on Azure, locally on Windows, or across both.

“Prompt Flow makes it easier than ever to implement this hybrid pattern by switching between local SLMs and cloud LLMs.”

Getting Started with AI Development on Windows

Developers can access Windows AI Studio as a VS Code Extension in the coming weeks. This familiar and seamless interface will help you get started with AI development. The guided interface allows for a smooth transition into AI development.

Windows continues to elevate the developer experience with these new tools, making local AI development easier and faster than ever.

  • Windows AI Studio is a new platform that simplifies local AI development on Windows.
  • Windows AI Studio extends the tooling of Azure AI Studio for local AI development.
  • It enables developers to fine-tune, customize, and deploy small language models (SLMs) for local use in their Windows apps.
  • Windows AI Studio supports Hybrid Loop development patterns and enables hybrid AI scenarios across Azure and client devices.
  • In the coming weeks, developers can access Windows AI Studio as a VS Code Extension.
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