Exploring the Latest Features of Microsoft Teams Premium: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhanced Collaboration and Security

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Discover the latest enhancements in Microsoft Premium, designed to make collaboration smarter, engaging, and secure. The article provides details on all the new and solutions announced at Microsoft .

Work Smarter Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft is taking collaboration to the next level with the latest updates to Microsoft Teams Premium. These innovations are designed to make teamwork more intelligent, engaging, and secure.

What’s New?

Microsoft Teams Premium is introducing a range of new features. These include the ability to customize your background during meetings, channel announcement backgrounds, and intelligent speaker support in BYOD rooms.

More Intelligent

With the new intelligent speaker support, you can now enhance your BYOD room experience. This feature allows the system to recognize and differentiate speakers, making virtual meetings more interactive and engaging.

“Today, we are excited to unveil the latest innovations coming to Microsoft Teams Premium to make collaboration more intelligent, engaging, and protected.”

More Engaging

The new channel announcement backgrounds and the ability to decorate your background offer a more engaging and personalized meeting experience. This feature allows you to create a unique atmosphere for each meeting.

Major Updates

Microsoft Teams Premium is not only becoming more intelligent and engaging, it’s also becoming more secure with advanced collaboration tools, priority account chat controls, and advanced collaboration analytics.

More Protected

With the new advanced collaboration tools, you can now control who has access to your chats. This feature ensures that your conversations are protected and only seen by those intended.

“This post provides details for all the Teams Premium features and solutions announced at Microsoft Ignite.”


In addition to these features, Microsoft Teams Premium is also introducing watermarking. This allows you to add a watermark to your recordings for added and customization of watermark display.

In conclusion, the latest updates to Microsoft Teams Premium are designed to enhance your collaboration experience, making it more intelligent, engaging, and secure.

  • Introduction of more intelligent features like decorating your background and intelligent speaker support in BYOD rooms.
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools for more efficient teamwork.
  • Priority account chat controls for better communication management.
  • Advanced collaboration analytics to monitor and improve team performance.
  • Customizable watermark display and watermark support for recording to ensure data security.
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