Enhance Your Holiday Experience with AI-Powered Microsoft Edge: Streamlining Tasks and Online Shopping

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Microsoft Edge, powered by AI, aims to make the holiday season less stressful and more joyful. It provides tools to easily manage your to-do list, enabling you to focus on joy and connection. Edge and Bing’s built-in features make online shopping easier and more enjoyable, ensuring great deals and secure transactions.

Microsoft Edge: Your AI-Powered Assistant for the Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, the joy of celebration often comes a side of stress. From managing a growing to-do list to navigating the online shopping landscape, the pressure can be overwhelming. But worry not, Microsoft Edge is here to help you recapture the essence of the holidays.

What’s New?

Microsoft Edge is not just a browser; it’s your AI-powered assistant this holiday season. It’s designed to make your online shopping experience easier, more enjoyable, and secure.

A Smarter Way to Shop

Shopping online has become the status quo, but with more choices comes more confusion. Microsoft Edge aims to put the joy back into shopping with its powerful set of built-in features.

“Edge and Bing are here to help put the joy back into shopping, by making it easier for you to discover or find what you need in less time, all while experiencing the thrill of scoring great deals.”

Introducing Copilot in Microsoft Shopping

In September, Microsoft announced Copilot in Microsoft Shopping. This feature is designed to be your personal shopper, helping you find what you need in less time.

“Copilot in Microsoft Shopping is designed to be your own personal shopper and help you find what you need in less time.”

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or trying to find a specific product, Copilot is here to assist. Soon, you’ll even be able to share a picture of the product you’re looking for, and Copilot will guide you to the right match.

Why is this Important?

With the rise of online shopping and the increasing need to protect sensitive data, having a smart and secure browser is more important than ever. Microsoft Edge offers a smarter way to browse, making your holiday season less stressful and more enjoyable.

So, whether you’re running a PC, macOS, mobile, or Linux device, give Microsoft Edge a try and experience the smarter way to browse this holiday season.

  • Microsoft Edge is an AI-powered assistant designed to make holiday easier.
  • Edge is pre-installed on Windows PCs and is available for download on macOS, mobile or Linux .
  • Edge and Bing’s built-in features aim to the online shopping experience.
  • Copilot in Microsoft Shopping, a new feature, acts as a personal shopper, helping users find what they need in less time.
  • Copilot can be accessed by entering https://bing.com/shop/ai in the Edge browser’s address bar.
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