Boosting Xbox App Development: Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 Enhances Performance and User Experience

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Microsoft has announced the availability of Edge WebView2 for Xbox apps, a highly requested feature by developers. This allows for modern web features, better performance, and improved remote debugging. The move enables Xbox app developers to migrate from EdgeHTML WebView, significantly enhancing the experience.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Now Available for Xbox Apps

Exciting news for Xbox app developers and users! Microsoft has announced the availability of Edge WebView2 on Xbox, a top request from the developer community. This development promises a more enriched media consumption and gaming experience for Xbox users.

What’s New with WebView2 on Xbox?

WebView2’s introduction to Xbox brings significant improvements over the previous EdgeHTML WebView. It provides support for modern web features, enabling Xbox app developers to incorporate modern web APIs into their applications. Additionally, it offers enhanced performance and a better remote debugging experience.

“On Xbox, customers like to watch their favorite media content in addition to playing games.”

First Movers: Microsoft MakeCode and STARZ

Microsoft MakeCode, a free online computing education platform for kids, is one of the first Xbox apps to integrate WebView2. With the new MakeCode Arcade Kiosk app, children can now design their own video games and play them on Xbox. STARZ, a popular streaming app, also utilizes WebView2 to its user interface and media streaming experience.

“Now, kids can create their own games and play them on an Xbox with their friends!”

Looking Forward

Microsoft is eager to see more apps built on Xbox using WebView2. The company encourages developers to share their feedback and connect with the WebView2 team for any queries or concerns via the WebView2 feedback repo on GitHub.

Learn More

For those interested in exploring WebView2 on Xbox further, Microsoft provides a comprehensive ‘Get started with WebView2′ guide. It’s an exciting time for Xbox app developers and users alike as they embrace this new era of gaming and media experience.

  • Edge WebView2 is now accessible for Xbox app developers, a feature highly requested.
  • WebView2 allows Xbox app developers to use modern web APIs in their applications.
  • It provides better performance and an improved remote debugging experience.
  • Microsoft MakeCode and STARZ are among the first Xbox apps to utilize WebView2.
  • Developers can connect with the WebView2 team and share feedback via the WebView2 feedback repo on GitHub.
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