Boosting Web Content Updates: Celebrating Two Years of IndexNow’s Impact and Its Recent Partnership with Wix

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Celebrating its two-year milestone, IndexNow has made significant strides in making it easier for websites to update their content across search engines. 60 million daily website users and 1.4 billion URLs submitted daily, IndexNow’s has surpassed expectations. The partnership with Wix further expands its reach.

IndexNow: Two Years of Remarkable Growth

Two years ago, IndexNow embarked on a mission: to simplify the process of reflecting content changes on websites across all search engines. Today, we marvel at the astounding progress made.

Impressive Statistics

With an astonishing 60 million websites joining us daily and a whopping 1.4 billion URLs submitted each day, our impact has surpassed our wildest dreams.

“Our impact has exceeded our wildest expectations.”

Wix Joins the Party

Our reach and influence have been further enhanced with Wix coming on board. This partnership promises to enhance our reach and influence even further.

Reshaping the Digital World

Join us in celebrating our two-year milestone as we continue to reshape our digital world, one URL at a time. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of this thrilling journey.

“Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!”

Transforming the Web

Watch the video below to learn how IndexNow is revolutionizing the web. This media type may not be supported by your browser.

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  • IndexNow has been operational for two years, making it easier for websites to update their content across all search engines.
  • It has a daily user base of 60 million websites, with 1.4 billion URLs submitted each day.
  • The platform’s impact has surpassed initial expectations.
  • Recently, Wix has partnered with IndexNow, further enhancing its reach and influence.
  • IndexNow is celebrating its two-year milestone and to continue reshaping the digital world.
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