Boosting Repairability: Microsoft Partners with iFixit for Surface Device Component Availability and Repair Guides

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Microsoft is partnering iFixit to offer replacement parts for . This collaboration aims to make Microsoft products more repairable and complements the existing network of Authorized Service Providers. Customers can now purchase components and necessary tools directly from iFixit, along with access to official Surface repair guides and videos.

Microsoft Partners with iFixit for Surface Replacement Components

Microsoft has announced an exciting collaboration with iFixit, a leading name in the world of tech repair. This partnership aims to make Microsoft Surface devices more repairable by providing replacement components directly from iFixit.

What’s New?

Microsoft Surface users will now have access to a comprehensive suite of repairable components for their out-of-warranty devices. This initiative not only amplifies the repairability of Microsoft products but also complements their growing network of Authorized Service Providers.

“We are excited to announce that replacement components for Microsoft Surface devices will now be available directly from iFixit.”

Major Updates

Alongside the availability of replacement parts, customers will also have access to official Surface repair guides, common repair questions, and videos. This wealth of information will be managed by iFixit, the world’s largest online repair community.

“This builds upon our collaboration with iFixit to make our products more repairable and will complement our growing network of Authorized Service Providers.”

What’s Important to Know?

From Surface Pro 7 to Surface Laptop Go 2, a wide range of devices will have replacement components available. These include the kickstand, removable solid-state drive (rSSD), display, battery, and more. This initiative allows tech-savvy consumers to perform self-repairs, extending the life of their devices.

Final Thoughts

This collaboration between Microsoft and iFixit is a significant step towards a more sustainable tech industry. It empowers users to repair their devices, reducing electronic waste and promoting a more circular economy.

  • Microsoft and iFixit collaboration aims to make Surface devices more repairable.
  • Replacement components for Surface devices are now available directly from iFixit.
  • Customers can access official Surface repair guides, common repair questions, and videos on iFixit.
  • The partnership complements Microsoft’s growing network of Authorized Service Providers.
  • Surface components available include kickstands, solid-state drives, displays, and more.
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