Maximizing Microsoft Teams Phone: A Comprehensive Guide for Administrators

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Microsoft Community Hub assists administrators in setting up and configuring Microsoft Teams Phone. The platform offers a comprehensive guide to help administrators manage Teams Phone for their organizations, which has over 17 million users enabled for PSTN calling.

Microsoft Teams Phone: A Comprehensive Guide for Administrators

Microsoft is committed to helping administrators navigate the complexities of setting up and configuring Teams Phone. The tech giant recognizes the increasing trend of organizations adopting Teams Phone as their cloud calling solution, with over 17 million users enabled for PSTN calling.

What’s New?

Last year, Microsoft released an easy-to-use Teams Phone setup guide. This comprehensive resource is designed to assist Teams administrators in setting up, configuring, and managing Teams Phone for their organizations.

Key Features of the Setup Guide

The setup guide provides step-by-step instructions on enabling users, configuring settings, setting up call queues and auto attendants, integrating with existing telephony infrastructure, and testing your setup.

“It’s no secret that more and more organizations are making Teams Phone their cloud calling solution.” – Pete Daderko, Microsoft

Why is this Important?

With the rise of remote work and digital transformation, efficient and reliable communication tools like Teams Phone are more critical than ever. The setup guide simplifies the process of implementing Teams Phone, making it less daunting for administrators.

“We understand that it can be daunting to begin the journey, so we released an easy-to-use Teams Phone setup guide.” – Pete Daderko, Microsoft

In conclusion, Microsoft’s commitment to providing helpful resources like the Teams Phone setup guide underscores their dedication to facilitating seamless digital communication. The guide is a valuable tool for administrators looking to implement Teams Phone in their organizations.

  • Microsoft Community Hub provides guidance for setting up Microsoft Teams Phone.
  • Over 17 million users are enabled for PSTN calling on Teams Phone.
  • An easy-to-use setup guide was released last year to assist administrators.
  • The guide includes steps to enable users and configure settings.
  • It also provides instructions for setting up call queues, auto attendants, and integrating with existing telephony infrastructure.
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