Supercharging Low-Code Solutions: AI-Assisted Development with Microsoft’s Power Platform Copilot

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“Microsoft’s Power Platform community is supercharging low-code solutions with the help of AI-assisted development. The Power Platform Copilot has been adopted by over 126,000 organizations, democratizing development for a wider audience. The Power Platform community, now over 5.2 million strong, is set to shape the AI-driven future of the platform with new advancements in Copilot and Power Automate.”

Supercharging Low-Code Development with AI: Power Platform Community

Microsoft’s Power Platform Community is revolutionizing the way we build low-code solutions. With the introduction of Power Platform Copilot, the era of AI-assisted low-code development has dawned, democratizing development for a wider audience.

Power Platform Copilot: Democratizing Development

Power Platform Copilot has been a game-changer, with over 126,000 organizations experiencing its capabilities. The new features make it simpler than ever to get started with Microsoft Power Platform.

“With advanced AI enhancing low-code development, more than 126,000 organizations have experienced Power Platform Copilot.”

Expanding Power Platform Community

The Power Platform community has seen rapid growth, with monthly active members exceeding 5.2 million. This expanding community is set to shape Microsoft Power Platform’s AI-driven future.

Exciting Advancements and Updates

Microsoft is further supporting the community’s growth with advancements in Copilot, designer updates for Power Automate, and automated environment routing to accelerate maker onboarding.

New Copilot Capabilities in Power Pages

Power Pages are now easier to build with new Copilot capabilities. Developers can use natural language to describe the website they want to build, and Copilot generates a sitemap and homepage with various layouts and site themes.

“With a few sentences and clicks, developers can use Copilot in Power Pages to create websites and multi-step forms.”

Evolution of Copilot Control in Power Apps

The Copilot control in Power Apps has evolved, allowing makers to fully customize their AI-assistants and extend their Copilot through Power Virtual Agents. This seamless integration boosts the capabilities of the embedded copilot, enabling every app to have a powerful Copilot.

Enable Faster Development with Power Automate Flow Designer

With improvements to next-generation AI in Power Automate, development is faster than ever. Copilot is now enabled by default and the version three designer is generally available, enhancing the authoring experience and increasing productivity.

Microsoft’s Power Platform community is leading the way in AI-assisted low-code development, bringing exciting advancements and updates to the fore. The future of low-code development is here, and it’s powered by AI.

  • Power Platform Copilot is ushering in the era of AI-assisted low-code development.
  • Over 126,000 organizations have experienced the new Copilot capabilities.
  • The Power Platform community has grown to more than 5.2 million monthly active members.
  • New advancements in Copilot and Power Automate are set to accelerate maker onboarding.
  • Developers can use Copilot in Power Pages to easily build data-driven websites and multi-step forms.
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