Mastering Dynamic Lighting: How Windows 11 Transforms RGB Device Control

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11 now features , enabling users to their RGB devices directly through Windows Settings. This feature allows users to extend their Windows accent color onto devices, synchronize RGB effects across different brands, and have better control over their apps’ lights.

Windows 11 Introduces Dynamic Lighting

For the tech-savvy out there, Windows 11 has released an exciting new feature: Dynamic Lighting. This feature is all about personalizing your Windows experience beyond the screen.

What’s New: Control RGB Devices in Windows Settings

Dynamic Lighting, you can now manage your “Red, Green, Blue” (RGB) devices directly in Windows Settings. This allows for an extended Windows accent color onto surrounding devices.

Major Updates: Synchronize RGB Effects Across Devices

Not only can you control individual devices, but you can also synchronize RGB effects across different brand devices. This feature offers a finer control over how apps manage lights.

“Dynamic Lighting helps create cohesion across the RGB devices market and enables new and engaging experiences across applications that are enhanced by RGB lights.”

Important to Know: Collaboration with Major Brands

Working in collaboration with brands like Acer, ASUS ROG, HP, and more, Windows 11 is making RGB experiences more accessible and user-friendly.

Device Compatibility

Many existing RGB devices are already compatible with Dynamic Lighting, and more new products are on the way.

“In collaboration with partners like Acer, ADATA/XPG, ASUS ROG, HP, HyperX, Lenovo, Logitech G, MSI, NZXT, Razer, SignalRGB, SteelSeries and Twinkly, we’re making RGB experiences more accessible and easier to use for everyone.”

Check out the list of supported devices and learn more about this innovative feature on the Windows Experience Blog.

  • Dynamic Lighting is now available on Windows 11.
  • Users can control their RGB devices directly through Windows Settings.
  • Windows accent color can be extended onto the devices.
  • RGB effects can be synchronized across devices from different brands.
  • Users can exercise finer control over how their apps control their device’s lights.
  • From the Windows Blog

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