Exploring the New AI-Powered Artwork Feature in Paint: The Cocreator

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The Paint app is rolling out an update to Windows Insiders, introducing a new AI-powered feature called Paint Cocreator. This tool helps users generate unique artwork by simply describing what they want to create. The update is being introduced gradually, with a waitlist for users to join.

Exciting Update for Paint App: Introducing Paint Cocreator

Windows Insiders, get ready for a thrilling update to the Paint app! The rollout has begun for users in the Canary and Dev Channels (version 11.2309.20.0 or higher). The highlight of this update is the introduction of Paint Cocreator, an AI-powered tool designed to help you create stunning artwork with just a few words.

What’s New: Paint Cocreator

Powered by DALL-E, Paint Cocreator is a game-changer. Simply describe what you want to create, select an art style, and click Create. The tool will generate three variations of artwork for you to choose from. Add your selected artwork to the canvas and start creating!

“With this update, we are excited to introduce Paint Cocreator, a new AI-powered experience powered by DALL-E that helps you create amazing artwork in Paint by describing in a few words what you’d like to create.”

How to Access the New Feature

Access to Paint Cocreator will be rolled out gradually. To join the waitlist, sign in with your Microsoft account and click on the new Cocreator button in the toolbar. Once you’re in the preview, you’ll receive 50 credits to get started, with each credit allowing you to generate a new set of images.

Responsible AI Practices

Microsoft is committed to responsible AI practices. Safeguards are in place to prevent the generation of harmful, offensive, or inappropriate images. The functionality of Paint Cocreator will continue to be optimized based on real-world usage and feedback.

“Microsoft is committed to responsible AI practices. When you use Paint Cocreator, we apply content filtering and have other safeguards in place to prevent the generation of images that may be harmful, offensive, or inappropriate.”

Availability of Paint Cocreator

Currently, Paint Cocreator is available in preview to users in English in the United States, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany. More information about Paint Cocreator can be found here.

Feedback Welcomed

As always, Microsoft appreciates community feedback. Please file feedback in the Feedback Hub under Apps > Paint. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these updates!

  • The update introduces Paint Cocreator, an AI-powered tool to create artwork.
  • The Cocreator generates three artwork variations based on user’s description.
  • Users need to join a waitlist to access the new feature.
  • Microsoft ensures responsible AI practices with content filtering in Paint Cocreator.
  • Paint Cocreator is currently available in preview to users in English in specific regions.
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