Enhancing Android Productivity: Bing Chat Integration with Microsoft Launcher and Seamless Chat Transition Features

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The latest Bing Chat update includes integration with Microsoft Launcher, enhancing productivity on Android devices by including Bing Chat on the home screen. Additionally, the ‘Continue on Your Phone’ feature allows users to seamlessly transition chats from desktop to mobile.

Exciting Updates to Bing: Microsoft Launcher Integration and ‘Continue on Your Phone’

Microsoft’s Bing Search Blog has released some exciting updates that are bound to enhance your user experience. These updates have been fully rolled out to all Bing Chat users.

What’s New in Bing?

Since the September 1 update, Bing has integrated with Microsoft Launcher, and introduced the ‘Continue on Your Phone’ feature. These updates are designed to make your Bing experience more seamless and efficient.

Integration with Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is a home screen experience that aims to increase productivity on your Android device. It offers a personalized feed of your calendar, to-do lists, and notes, while also allowing you to customize aspects of your Android experience.

“Microsoft Launcher is a home screen experience that helps you be more productive on your Android device.”

Now, you can also access Bing Chat directly from your Android home screen, thanks to the integration with Microsoft Launcher.

‘Continue on Your Phone’ Feature

Some conversations need to be continued on the go. Bing has introduced the ‘Continue on Your Phone’ feature to cater to this need. If you’re chatting on your desktop and want to pick up where you left off on Bing Mobile, simply select “Continue on phone” in the upper-right corner of the last chat response.

“Some conversations need to happen on the go.”

You’ll then be presented with a QR code that you can use to resume your session on another device. This feature ensures that your conversations are not interrupted, regardless of the device you are using.

These updates are part of Bing’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience. The Bing Team encourages users to keep their feedback coming, as it helps them improve and deliver better features.

  • Microsoft Launcher now includes Bing Chat on Android home screens.
  • Microsoft Launcher offers personalized feeds of calendar, to-do lists, and notes.
  • Users can customize aspects of their Android experience with Microsoft Launcher.
  • ‘Continue on Your Phone’ feature enables users to shift chats from desktop to mobile.
  • The transition is facilitated by a QR code presented to the user.
  • From the Bing Blogs