Enhanced Data Protection with Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot: Optimal Routes and Recommendations Now Available

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Enterprise is now supported in Copilot, ensuring data protection with no saved prompts or responses and no access for Microsoft. Bing Chat Enterprise is automatically enabled for eligible organizations. Additionally, Bing Chat has improved responses for directions, offering optimal routes and recommendations.

Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot: A New Era of Secure Communication

Microsoft has released an exciting update for all Bing Chat users. The latest features, fully shipped as of today, are designed to elevate your user experience.

What’s New?

As of Monday, Bing Chat Enterprise has been enabled in Windows Copilot within the Windows Insider Program’s Dev Channel. This significant update is designed to provide organizations with a secure platform for communication.

“Bing Chat Enterprise allows organizations to use Windows Copilot with confidence that their data is protected: prompts and responses aren’t saved, Microsoft has no ‘eyes on’ access, and your chat data isn’t used to train the underlying large language model.”

How Does Bing Chat Enterprise Protect Your Data?

With Bing Chat Enterprise, your data is not saved, Microsoft has no direct access, and your chat data is not used for training the large language model. For organizations already using Bing Chat Enterprise on Bing.com, no additional steps are needed to enable it in Windows Copilot.

Improved Maps and Directions

Another major update is the improvement in chat responses when looking for directions. Bing Chat now provides options for the best routes to your destination, along with a recommended route from Bing Maps.

“Ask Bing Chat: ‘Can you give me the best directions from downtown Redmond to SeaTac Airport?’”

Keep your feedback coming! Your insights are invaluable in helping Microsoft continue to improve and innovate. Stay tuned for more updates from the Bing Team.

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  • Bing Chat Enterprise is now available in the Windows Insider Program’s Dev Channel.
  • Bing Chat Enterprise guarantees data protection with no saved prompts or responses.
  • Microsoft does not have any access to the chat data in Bing Chat Enterprise.
  • Eligible organizations that have enabled Bing Chat Enterprise on Bing.com do not need to take additional steps for Windows Copilot.
  • Bing Chat has improved its responses for direction inquiries, providing optimal routes and recommendations.

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