Exploring the Latest Features of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25941: Dynamic Refresh Rates, Cast Feature Enhancements, and More

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11 Preview Build 25941: A Sneak Peek

For all the tech enthusiasts out there, here’s an exciting update. Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25941 has been released to the Canary Channel. This preview build brings some significant changes and improvements that you should know about.

Graphics: Enhanced Display Settings

Firstly, there’s an update in the advanced display settings. You can now enable the refresh rate via a toggle. This feature allows Windows to adjust the refresh rate dynamically, saving power.

“Dynamic refresh rate can now be enabled via a toggle.”

Additionally, Windows has made it easier to understand limitations related to high refresh rates on high display resolutions. An asterisk will indicate if a specific refresh rate requires a change in display resolution.

Cast: Improved Troubleshooting

Next, the Cast flyout in Quick Settings has been updated. It now provides additional support for troubleshooting device discovery and fixing connections.

Fixes for Known Issues

Apart from these improvements, several known issues have been fixed. These include issues the File Explorer context menu and command bar dropdowns, File Explorer launch reliability, and issues with Japanese and Chinese IMEs in certain apps.

“Fixed issues impacting the File Explorer context menu and command bar dropdowns.”

For Developers: Updated SDK and NuGet Packages

Developers, there’s something for you too. The latest Windows Insider SDK is now available for download. SDK NuGet packages are also available, including .NET TFM packages and C++ packages.

So, gear up and explore these new features and improvements in the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25941!

  • Advanced display settings now feature a dynamic refresh rate that can be enabled to save power.
  • Refresh rates now show an asterisk when a change in display resolution is required to support the selected rate.
  • Improvements to the Cast feature include an updated flyout in Quick Settings for troubleshooting device discovery and casting issues.
  • Fixed issues include those impacting File Explorer’s context menu and command bar dropdowns, launch reliability, and compatibility with Japanese and Chinese IMEs.
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