Microsoft and Epic’s Collaborative Effort: Transforming Healthcare with Cloud-First Computing Model and Lower Costs

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announces an expanded collaboration Epic to provide a scalable public cloud for Epic’s customers, starting with Mount Sinai Health System. The move to a cloud-first computing is aimed at facilitating digital transformation in healthcare, enabling better care at lower .

Microsoft and Epic Collaborate to Deliver Scalable Public Cloud

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, recently announced an expansion of their collaboration with Epic, aiming to deliver a highly scalable public cloud for Epic customers. The initiative begins with the Mount Sinai Health System.

Cloud-First Approach: A Game-Changer in Healthcare

Transitioning to a cloud-first computing model is a crucial step for healthcare providers. This digital transformation strategy aims to enable better care at lower costs. As Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, explains:

“Moving to a cloud-first approach is and will remain a pivotal strategy for many large IDN’s on Epic to optimize costs and deliver on Patient care/ experience in the communities they serve.”

Microsoft Azure: Powering Large Scale EHR Databases

Microsoft Azure Large Instances are being used by Epic clients to run large Epic electronic health record (EHR) databases. These databases can handle up to 50 million database accesses per second, starting with the Mount Sinai Health System.

What’s New and Important to Know?

This collaboration between Microsoft and Epic signifies a significant stride in digital transformation for healthcare. The use of Microsoft Azure Large Instances by Epic clients demonstrates the potential for large-scale, cloud-based EHR databases.

“Healthcare providers and hospital systems are in need of in the moment computing and the effective use of technology.”

This quote from Christopher Lundy, Principal Enterprise Architect at Seagen, highlights the growing need for immediate computing capabilities and effective technology use in healthcare. The Microsoft and Epic collaboration is a promising step towards meeting this need.

  • Microsoft and Epic are expanding their collaboration to provide a scalable public cloud.
  • The first beneficiary of this collaboration is Mount Sinai Health System.
  • The initiative is part of a move towards a cloud-first computing model in healthcare.
  • The goal is to enable better care at lower costs through digital transformation.
  • Microsoft Azure Large Instances will be used to run large Epic electronic health record (EHR) databases.
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