Exploring the Success of AI-Powered Bing and Edge: A Six-Month Journey of Over 1 Billion Chats and 750 Million Images

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Celebrating the six-month milestone of the AI-powered Bing and Edge, the blog post highlights the success of the platforms, with over 1 billion chats and 750 million images generated. The Bing Image Creator, powered by OpenAI’s DALL∙E models, and the Bing Chat feature have been particularly popular. The post also discusses the Bing Mobile App and Windows Copilot, which bring AI-powered experiences to mobile and PC users.

Celebrating 6 Months of the New AI-Powered Bing

It’s been an exciting six months since the launch of the AI-powered Bing and Edge. The reinvented search has seen over 1 billion chats and 750 million images, demonstrating the unique and creative ways users have engaged with these new features. The nine consecutive quarters of growth on Edge also indicate an increased ability to deliver top-notch AI experiences to users across the web.

Smarter Ways to Get Things Done

Bing Image Creator

One of the new features is Bing Image Creator, powered by the latest DALL∙E models from OpenAI. With this tool, users can bring their ideas to life by simply describing the picture they want to see. The integration of visual and verbal AI-generated content in one place has already led to many great scenarios.

“Bing Image Creator allows you to bring your ideas to life, simply by using your own words to describe the picture you want to see.”

Chat History

Another feature users have loved is Chat History. Bing now remembers the history of previous chats and displays them on the right-hand side of the chat window under “Recent Activity”. This feature allows users to easily delete, rename, export, or share a specific conversation with others.

AI-Powered Search Wherever You Are

Bing Mobile App

The flagship Bing app brings AI-powered features to your mobile devices. The app provides complete, cited answers without having to scroll through endless links and also includes access to Bing Image Creator features on your phone or tablet. The app also offers mobile-specific scenarios, such as a homescreen widget for quick access.

Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot brings new AI experiences to your PC. It’s the first PC platform to provide centralized AI experiences to its customers, making every user a power user. With Windows Copilot and Bing Chat, you can focus more on bringing your ideas to life and collaborating instead of spending energy finding, launching, and working across multiple applications.

“Windows Copilot makes every user a power user, helping you take action, customize your settings, and seamlessly connect across your favorite apps.”

As we celebrate the past six months, we look forward to the next six months with anticipation and excitement for the continued growth and innovation in AI-powered search experiences.

  • Bing and Edge have seen over 1 billion chats and 750 million images in six months.
  • Bing Image Creator, powered by OpenAI’s DALL∙E models, allows users to generate images from verbal descriptions.
  • Bing Chat now saves chat history for future reference and allows users to delete, rename, export, or share specific conversations.
  • The Bing Mobile App provides access to AI-powered features on mobile devices, including a homescreen widget for voice input.
  • Windows Copilot brings centralized AI experiences to PC users, enabling seamless connection across apps.
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