Overcoming Intermittent Charging Issues in Older Laptops: A Personal Experience

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The article discusses a common issue faced by users of older laptops – intermittent charging. The author shares a personal experience of their laptop running out of during a meeting, and how they had to quickly switch to their smartphone to continue the meeting.


PowerShell Power Cable Wiggles: A Tech-Savvy Solution

Ever experienced your laptop suddenly running out of power in the middle of an important meeting? You’re not alone. This is a common issue with older computers, which, despite functioning perfectly fine otherwise, can develop charging issues.

Understanding the Issue

Imagine this scenario: your laptop has been docked all week, but suddenly it stops charging and turns off. This can cause a scramble to find an alternative device, like a personal smartphone, to continue the meeting. Although this is a quick fix, it’s not ideal for presenting lost information from the laptop.

“My laptop stops charging sometimes, what do I do?”

Intune and Teams to the Rescue

Thanks to Intune and Teams, it’s easy to recover from such situations. With your personal cell phone already connected through Intune to your company, and Teams installed and configured, you can get back into the meeting swiftly.

“My personal cell phone was already connected through Intune to my company and had Teams already installed and configured so it was quick and easy to recover.”

Preventing Unexpected Power Offs

However, to avoid such unexpected power offs in the future, it’s crucial to address the root of the problem. A common cause is a loose power cable that needs a little wiggle to work properly.

Remember, being tech-savvy means not just knowing how to use technology, but also understanding how to troubleshoot and fix common issues. So, the next time your laptop stops charging, give that power cable a little wiggle!


  • Old laptops often develop charging issues.
  • The author’s laptop ran out of power during a meeting, despite being in a docking station.
  • The author quickly switched to their smartphone, which was already connected to their company network.
  • Teams was already installed and configured on the author’s phone, enabling a quick recovery.
  • The author emphasizes the need to prevent unexpected power-offs on laptops.

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